On Track – Your first view of Toronto’s Crosstown’s light rail vehicles in motion

Great to see. Look forward to going to the Doors Open event on Saturday and seeing this LRV in person!

Metrolinx News

During our ongoing Crosstown Progress series, looking at every major element of Toronto’s Crosstown light rail transit project, we’ve seen work on the line, but haven’t seen the machines that will run on those rails. That changes today. Our Metrolinx light rail vehicles are being tested, and we can finally show you how they look while on the move.

Bigger than any baby, our next generation of transit vehicle is taking first public steps – and we could not be prouder.

 The giant doors of the Eglinton Crosstown Maintenance Facility, at Toronto’s Mount Dennis station, are swinging open, as Metrolinx unveils our line of new light rail vehicles (LRV). Before today, the tinkering and tightening has largely been far out of sight of the public. Now it’s time to open those bay doors and let our LRVs play – and be tested – outside.

“I had a chance…

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