Local Businesses I Support

Quick list and details below:

  • T By Daniel
  • Jonathan Productions
  • Crystal Lori Boyd
  • The Flying Somm
  • More to come!

T By Daniel

I’ve had their tea the the store, and always come back for more! (or order online)

Pictured in 2016 hugging Daniel after being recognized for my support for his business. Bottom picture includes my parents, Jack and Bev. Daniel and his wife Renata pictured.

Jonathan Productions

They’ve done my head shot. Wonderful folks. Recommended.


Crystal Lori Boyd

She’s a Brampton-based artist who I’ve purchased the below painting from. It was probably one of the first paintings I’ve ever bought from a local artist and happy to support Crystal. Exploring and buying art isn’t something I do very often so it was a fun process. Check out Crystal’s work on her website.


The Flying Somm

My friend Ryan Sullivan (he was also a groomsmen at my wedding) has a passion for wine. He believes that wine isn’t just something to drink or serve, rather it can tell a story, it has a history, and can contribute to an experience. Contact Ryan through his website and learn more about the services he offers.


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