Missing your commute? GO Transit riders join global community longing for stolen moments aboard buses and trains

Great to see my friend Kevin interviewed in this.

Metrolinx News

COVID-19 has taken a great deal from society, including for many, time spent getting to work. That used to be found during a simple transit ride. It’s a daily ritual that goes back generations – allowing for everything from a quick nap to working on the final points of a master’s degree. Today, we pine for a return to a time that was – even while riding with a vehicle full of other travellers – all ours.

They’re called stolen moments for a reason.

Time quietly appropriated doing what we want to do, rather than just what has to be done. Since the early part of the 19th century in North America, daily commutes have offered up precious minutes to allow the mind to be ignited by work to come or settle after a hard day earning pay.

Customers boarding a GO train in the 1960s when GO trains were still single leve Customers boarding a GO train in the 1960s when GO trains…

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