Exclusive. GOing Loco for GO’s new Tier 4 Locomotives

Great to have been able to tweet out a picture by Hunter Holmes and have it in the latest Metrolinx blog.

Metrolinx News

Reporter diary – A rare behind-the-scenes look at GO’s mighty new machines

Next to locomotive 675, everything else seems very small.

And I’m suddenly six years old ago, and dearly want to sound the train horn – if I could only find it.

As it waits at the Willowbrook train yard, located just west of Toronto’s Mimico station, it’s hard not be awed by the power of one of GO’s new Tier 4 workhorses.

Even by locomotive standards, the new generation of passenger train engines are behemoths. The MotivePower built locomotives are a staggering 129,000 kilograms – that’s equal to the weight of about 71 average cars – stand an imposing 4.7 meters from rail to roof and are longer than an articulated bus.

675 One of the new Tier 4 locomotives. Yes, you’ll want one in your driveway. (Photo by Matt Llewellyn)

Rail fanatics and fans have been sending our…

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