CN Rail in Algonquin Park, 1980s

Saw this post in the Classic Canadian National Facebook group and wanted to share it here. I’ve camped many times in Algonquin Park and always find it interesting to see pictures of the former active rail lines through the Park.

Posted with permission. Caption with the photos:

“Summer in the 1980s. Two families with a total of four children would load up our vehicles and head to Achray in Algonquin Park. At that time the CNR line from Brent to Ottawa had no passenger service but usually two freight trains a day passed through, It was a most beautiful sight to see an evening train snaking along the north shore of Grand Lake. We were so lucky. Thanks Lou Anne for these pictures. Line has been ripped up and is now a hiking trail.”

Photo credit: Lou Anne Moon. Thanks to Bob Meldrum.

CN 1CN 2

The above images were the original ones received. Here they are levelled out.

A 1990 @gotransit schedule #gotransit @Metrolinx

It can be interesting to look back a few years, in this case 19, and see how much has changed. An April 1990 GO Transit schedule provides many examples. Since 1990 routes have been extended, new stations built, more train service added at all times of the day, and the beginning of weekend service on a non-Lakeshore Line. There’s the promise of even more service in future years, and electrification through the #GOExpansion program.

This schedule also makes reference to “SKYDOME”. The railfan in me also appreciations the notation on if the GO line uses a CN Rail line (“CN”) or CP Rail line (“CP”).

Thanks to my friend Damian Baranowski posting a copy of this schedule and sharing here with permission.

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